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Microbiological Equipment

Anaerobic Jars

For culturing of micro-organisms under anaerobic conditions.

Anaerobeen-Behälter DIAB1003, DIAB1004, Begasungsset für Anaeroben Topf

Containers mado thick-walled, clear PVC, very stable design, incl. removeable stand of PVC for pertri dishes, without Gas-Kit.

Optional with Gas-Kit (1 manometer, 2 shut-off valves) for filling with gas from external sources (like hydrogen, nitrogen)

Inoculation Loop Sterilization Kit

Useful equipment for continuous sterilization of inoculation loops.

Device for continuous annealing of inoculation loops. Annealing starts after turning loop holder to start position according to preset annealing time. Rotation unit can be equipped with max. 6 loop holders. Automatic shut-off when flame extinguishes.

Complete unit including 6 loop holders acc. to Kolle and burner Fireboy plus.

Housing made of PP white, rotation unit of aluminium, individual time preset 6 … 60 sec.

Ösenausglühkit DIOT06F

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